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Mental Resilience

Tools & resources that can help you build mental resilience so that you can focus on enjoying life.

Building mental resilience is often about embracing and accepting who you are, as you are. Giving yourself time to reflect, talk about and practice vulnerability is one way to build the resilience you might need when times get tough.

Building mental resilience is an ongoing journey and its worth remembering that there will always be highs and lows.

Here's some recommendations of resources that we've found helpful during our research.


Some ways in which you can build mental resilience.

  • Talking - with friends, family and your support network about how you feel and things that are happening in your life.

  • Journalling - this can help you download your thoughts and feelings and help you make sense of them.

  • Lifestyle changes - focusing on the growth areas outlined in our tools and resources page can help you build mental strength and form happy habits that help you maintain it.


Our recommendations

Here are some books that we think may help you discover more about improving your mental resilience.

Cracked Concrete Wall

For apple & google

Aimed to assist with depression and anxiety.

White Duvet

By Ichiro Kishimi

A brilliant introduction to Adlerian psychology, helping the reader reflect on the cause and effect relationship between the past and our behaviours.


Our recommendations

If you'd like to try using an app to manage your mental resilience, you may want to try one of these.


Articles we've come across that help us understand mental resilience.

Image by Julian Wan
Psychology Today

Resilience in the pandemic

Study from Spain finds the key to resilience in the pandemic

Image by Motoki Tonn

Mental Resilience & Meditation

Mental toughness and resilience, how meditation and mindfulness can help.

Image by Jason Leung
The Guardian

Best Books

Matt Haig recommends books for building mental resilience.


Tools helping you build mental resilience.

More Resources


Alone Time

Mindfulness & Meditation


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