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Top 5 Yoga for Beginners for 2021

Got a new years resolution to start yoga? Are you looking for the best beginners yoga videos? We've compiled the best yoga accounts, yoga videos and yoga tutorials to help you get started with yoga in 2021. Get ready, stretch, go!


Yoga with Adriene
Copyright Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene

Top of the online yoga for beginners list has to be the wonderful Yoga with Adriene. With over 7 years of Yoga on Youtube, Adriene has over 787 million views. Adriene currently has 566 yoga videos on Youtube to choose from covering everything you can possibly imagine from certain aches and pains to relaxation, 30-day yoga plans and much more.

Adriene provides an online yoga schedule so that you can develop a regular routine from home. The best thing about Adriene's channel is checking in with yoga superstar dog, Benji who loves to relax as you strike a pose.

Try: Adriene's Yoga for Beginners

Sarah Beth

Copyright Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth is another popular online yogi with a yoga-dedicated app and membership platform. Despite this, Sarah Beth has over 350 videos for you to enjoy for free on Youtube with routines from 5-30 minutes. Similar to Adriene, you'll find all kinds of yoga videos for different ailments, body parts and experience levels.

We've picked out this ultra slow-paced beginner's yoga routine for you to try.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley
Copyright Christopher Dougherty - Yoga Journal

Looking for yoga inspired by finding your true authentic self? After trying to emulate others, Jessamyn Stanley started to discover what it was like to be herself and teach yoga her way. Jessamyn outlines her story and a sequence to help you find your own instrument within in Yoga Journal. Jessamyn also has 151 yoga and body positivity videos on Youtube for you to explore.

Try: Yoga Journal, Yoga for Beginners by Jessamyn Stanley

Brett Larkin

Brett Larkin Yoga
Copyright Brett Larkin Yoga

Brett Larkin provides 722 yoga videos on her Youtube channel from fun and accessible to advanced, whilst also offering yoga teacher training and resources via her website. Brett's Youtube series range from weight loss to beginners to prenatal and detox.

Brett is also a host on the Sivana Podcast where she discusses ways to get the most out of your yoga practice.

Try: Brett Larkin, Gentle yoga for beginners

Breathe and Flow

Copyright Breathe & Flow Yoga

Bre and Flo are a yoga instructor couple that loves yoga, travel and life. With lots of 'yoga for men' videos within their 237 currently available on Youtube, you can find some alternatives to the usual Youtube yogi videos. If you're looking for yoga, breathwork or meditation, Bre and Flo have you covered.

Try: Breathe & Flow, Yoga for Beginners

So all you have to do now is roll out that mat!

We hope you have fun trying some of these tutorials. Tell us how you get on in the comments.

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