At adbra, we’ve experienced mental health challenges and researched ways to develop habits to build better mental resilience. Our resource pages are here so you can access support and decide which well-being tools and techniques work best for you.


Before we dive into our recommendations, we've put together a page that outlines how to get professional support for your mental health and well-being:

Resources & Recommendations

These resources are unaffiliated staff picks (meaning that we don't earn anything for the links we provide.) Where possible, the books we recommend are linked to bookseller World of Books, as recommended for their ethical practice by Ethical Consumer magazine.

1. Mental Resilience.jpg

Mental Resilience

Building mental-resilience so that you can focus on enjoying life.

4. Mindfulness _ Meditation.jpg

Mindfulness & Meditation

Tried and tested methods to find your inner calm.

7. Exercise.jpg


Small steps to bringing activity into your lifestyle.

10. Work.jpeg


Ways to focus on your well-being at work.

13. Personal Growth.jpg

Personal growth

Exploring more ways to help you grow.

2. Sleeping.jpg


Improving your sleep pattern to feel the best when you're awake.

5. Self Kindness.jpg


Being kind to yourself, in the way you are kind to others.

8. Time with People you love.jpg

Time with family

Focusing on those relationships that mean the most.

11. Helping Others.jpg

Helping others

How helping others can help you.

3. Alone Time.jpg

Alone Time

Finding time for yourself to ensure your mind has time to rest.

6. Healthy Eating.jpg

Healthy Eating

Trying new and healthy ways to enjoy food.

9. Time with friends.jpg

Time with friends

Ways to enjoy time with those you can rely on.

12. Having Fun.jpg

Having fun

Finding the fun things in life.

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