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Time with friends

Tools & Resources we've found, that you might want to explore.

At adbra we'd like to go beyond providing you with our sustainable well-being products. We'd like to help you access as many tools and resources, so that you have the choice to find out what works best for you. In each of our well-being element pages, we'll provide some recommendations for you to try. These resources are unaffiliated (meaning we don't earn anything for the links we provide) and are top picks from our staff team.


Our recommendations

Here are some books to explore the importance of friendships.

White Duvet

By Gail Honeyman

On loneliness, friendships and self-discovery. 

Cracked Concrete Wall

For apple & google

Great app to keep in touch with friends - especially in covid times. Includes several charade games.


Our recommendations

Here are some apps that can help you arrange time with your friends more effortless..

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