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Top 5 Youtube videos for relaxation

Today we've compiled the best relaxation videos on Youtube to help you find calm and unwind. These are videos we've used when we need to shake anxiety, get to sleep and relax after a busy day. The videos are ideal for someone who's looking for inspiration to help you improve your mindset and mental health.

So let's get started on the list. We've got:

  • The best relaxation music video

  • The best short meditation video

  • The best video to help you fall asleep

  • The best low-impact exercise video

  • The best hypnosis video for positive thinking

Best relaxation music video

When you're looking for relaxing music, it's good to have a few playlists up your sleeve. Youtube has some great options that come with relaxing visuals. When played on a computer or TV, the video can completely change your environment. This Relaxing Sleep Music video from Soothing Relaxation is beautiful. You can get lost flying through the magical forest scenes for the whole 3 hours - yes, it's the longest video on our list and the one with the most views. 235 million to be precise. It's the music from the retreat, the salon or the meditation class with fairly generic tones and sounds, it's the go-to relaxation music for many.

Best short meditation video

Goodful is all things vegan, eco-friendly and eating on Youtube but they have some great short meditation videos too. Here's their shortest five minute mediation video which they say you can do anywhere. There aren't any visuals in this particular video as it's designed for you to listen to. The simple guided meditation can be a helpful reset when you need it. Goodful have a full set of short meditation videos for stress, sleep, beginners, self-love and starting your day, perfect for those starting out on their meditation journey.

Best video to help you fall asleep

Press play on any of Michael Sealey's videos and your eye-lids are likely to instantly feel heavy. His tone is particularly relaxing and I defy anyone who doesn't feel in some way sleepy. Michael is an Australian actor who is also qualified in Hypnotherapy. Most of his videos are around 1 hour long and are perfect when you're struggling to sleep. This sleep & anxiety video is particularly helpful to help you relax your muscles, clear your head and prepare your body and mind for a great night's sleep.

Best low-impact exercise video

Exercise might not be your idea of relaxation but it's definitely a great way to relax the body and mind. We've found light and low-impact exercise is particularly helpful. Qi gong is rooted in Chinese well-being practice and focuses on posture, breathing, movement and meditation. This Qigong for Beginners video by Yoqi Yoga shows how Qigong can be used first thing in the morning to engage and energise, bringing clarity for a new day.

Best hypnosis video for positive thinking

The zooming intro and warning that introduces this hypnosis video might put you off but Paul McKenna's videos have been some of the most helpful videos for anxiety I have come across. You might remember Paul from British Saturday night TV in the 1990s, hypnotising audiences to do silly things to each other. The truth is, his hypnosis or mind-programming technique, used regularly can help re-train your thought patterns. If you're looking for a video to boost your confidence and make you feel happier, try this Happy Trance out. Paul recommends in his books to listen twice a day for at least a week to start feeling changes.

So there we have it, 5 Youtube videos to help you relax and unwind. We'd love to know what you think, if you have other videos that you'd love to share or if you're looking for a video we haven't covered. Let us know in the comments.

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