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- BUILD RESILIENCE WITH MINDFULNESS - Mindful colouring has been linked to reducing anxiety and rumination, helping people cope better when times get tough. The practice can be used as a tangible way to connect with your senses and experience the present moment. The digital book includes guidance on how to make your colouring mindful.


- POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS - Each of the 26 unique designs in this colouring book are focused on positive affirmations that are also a tool that can help build mental resilience. Affirmations include:


"I deserve to feel good" and 

"I have the power to create change"


- CREATIVE FREEDOM - This digital colouring book can be used in whichever way suits you. You can colour in any way your mood takes you, print your coloured design or print and colour with pencil and paper.


When you purchase the colouring book you will be provided with a PDF of the colouring pages. Let us know if you'd like the file in another way that suits you and your digital drawing practice!



- OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU - This colouring book is a tool to help people find a bit of peace in their life and it's important to us that you enjoy using it. You can try it for 30 days and if you don't fall in love with it, you can simply request a refund and get your money back. 


- DOING THE RIGHT THING - Each sale contributes towards humanitarian projects we support to offset 100% of our carbon emissions and have both a social and environmental impact.


This colouring book works with most drawing apps and requires a stylus, but for best results, you may want to use one of the following: Procreate, Adobe Fresco (iPad), Autodesk Sketch (macOS, Windows, iOS and Android), Others include Krita, Painter, PaintTool SAI and MyPaint.

Digital Mindful Colouring Book

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