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Take control of your well-being and get things done with our gratitude planner. It's jam-packed full of engaging well-being tips and tools to keep you going with the habit of gratitude journalling. It's a journal and planner in one! We're proud to say that we designed it from scratch and compiled all our research on the tools that work for us, to help you. Here's some detail on the features of the planner:


  • NURTURE YOUR WELL-BEING & BECOME YOUR BEST SELF - Begin the next chapter of your life today with our engaging gratitude journal and undated daily planner in one. Join others who have become happier and healthier by applying the evidence-based and life-changing power of gratitude. Take the first step towards more fulfilment in your life and become the best version of yourself.


  • CREATE YOUR OWN PATH TO HAPPINESS - You are unique, and so is your journey to a more fulfilled life. Our 6-month planner adapts to your own needs by introducing 12 carefully researched mindfulness and self-care areas and gives you the flexibility to focus on what works best for you. Stay engaged and have fun along the way with positive affirmations, regular mood tracking and other tools and techniques to help you transform your life.


  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DAY AND BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE - Achieve more than ever by prioritising your tasks at the beginning of each day and feel great as you tick off each one when you complete them. Learn how to set SMART Goals, a proven method to increase the likelihood of making real progress and fulfilling your true potential. Record daily notes to capture your thoughts and help you feel more in control.


  • LUXURY & QUALITY FEEL - Our planners are made to feel good in your hands. The lush canvas cover is bound with placeholder ribbons and unique illustrations. There are four pastel shades to choose from and each planner comes in a presentation box with a free mindful colouring book and sticker set included. Ideal gift for women and men of all ages and for anyone who wants to feel happier, experience better mental health and well-being.



  • A daily planner with actions and notes tracking (6 months,) an un-dated calendar, SMART goals tracking - each fortnight, a gratitude diary section - each day, growth attitude exercises - each fortnight, positive affirmation exercises - each fortnight.
  • A gift box and sleeve
  • A mindful colouring book
  • 2 sheets of colourful growth area stickers



OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU - Our gratitude journal has helped thousands of people find a bit of peace in their life and it can help you too. You can try it for 30 days and if you don't fall in love with it, you can simply request a refund and get your money back.


DOING THE RIGHT THING - Each sale contributes towards humanitarian projects we support to offset 100% of our carbon emissions and have both a social and environmental impact.







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    Gratitude Planner | Well-being journal

    SKU: B088Y4T92C
    • If for any reason you do not love your product as much as we loved making it, simply contact us within a month to return it to us and we will give you a 100% refund on your order.

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